Books on programming for children

Books on programming for children

A child with a phone, tablet or computer is a much more common and familiar “picture” than a child with a book. But if this book is about how to create computer games, how to develop websites and become a real IT specialist, then it will be able to interest even the most avid young gamer. The authors of the publications immerse children in the world of computer technology, explain complex terms and topics in an accessible language. The child does not have time to look back, as page after page, the book turns out to be read, and the skills are learned, and they would rather be put into practice. What children’s programming tutorials are the most interesting, effective and popular? Sharing a selection…

1. Artem and Denis Golikovs – “Programming on Scratch” – 2 parts

An entertaining and fascinating book-textbook with a large amount of theoretical material, which is presented in an understandable and interesting way. The authors share the secrets of creating projects in the Scratch visual environment, explaining each script in detail. Following the instructions, the young programmer will be able to independently:

  • install Scratch on your computer;
  • master the visual language and graphic editor;
  • write your first programs;
  • create cartoons and games.

The book also provides detailed explanations of the terms. The guys will learn what cycles, algorithms, lists and other concepts are. Many projects from the book on the basics of Scratch are used in the children’s online school of programming it future.

2. D. Weil and M. O’Hanlon – Minecraft. Program your world”

“Cubic Universe” Minecraft is not only a game loved by many children, but also a tool to learn programming easily and with pleasure. This principle was taken as a basis by the authors of the book, who, like modern children, are fond of computer games. The textbook will teach children the basics of the Python programming language. By following the step-by-step instructions, the child can easily:

  • build a virtual palace and a giant clock;
  • create a copier;
  • build fantastic structures.

The skills covered in this book will help the young gamer discover completely new features of the Minecraft game that are not available to ordinary users. In the world of Minecraft – everything is possible, the main thing is to have a textbook at hand and not be distracted.

3. K. Vorderman, J. Woodcock, S. Macamanus “Programming for children. Scratch and Python Language Guide»

Niga is a real treasure trove of knowledge for future programmers. While reading it, children get acquainted with the structure of a computer, learn the basics of the two most popular languages: Scratch and Python, and learn to program using them. The textbook attracts with bright, interesting illustrations. They help to learn the principles of creating cartoon applications and simple computer games more easily, turning learning into an exciting process. The book contains many ready-made projects that guys can take as a basis for their first independent web development. Programming scripts are presented in the textbook in English, without translation. But this is done specifically so that children begin learning the terms of programming in English.
The publications are available electronically and can also be ordered online. It is very pleasant that even in our world of prosperity of computer technologies, the book remains the best source of knowledge and the best gift. Let access to new knowledge support in your young programmer the desire to further master IT technologies, which, undoubtedly, are the future!