Online Scratch programming course for children 7-14 years old – a successful start

The world has been taken over by IT technologies. If the child reaches for the computer – do not interfere, but correct the motion vector. Show why you really need a computer, teach the basics of programming and get started.

SCRATCH – what is it?

Scratch is a programming language for children that allows you to create animated and interactive games, presentations, websites and applications for smartphones. Visually, Scratch resembles a game with Lego, so it’s simple and straightforward. Ideal as a first programming language.


Learning programming languages is not an easy task for an adult, what can we say about children, for whom commands and algorithms are something incomprehensible to the mind. The great minds of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) have developed visual software, programming in which is carried out using colored blocks. This is the perfect software to start learning how to program.

What is the learning outcome?

The child will learn the basics of Scratch programming, learn what algorithms, variables, loops, sprites are and much more.

As a result, your child will be able to:

  • create applications for smartphones;
  • programming browser games;
  • solve software and mathematical problems.

During the training, the child will create more than one own project.

Scratch programming also contributes to the development of logical and abstract thinking, improves memory, imagination and communication skills.

Take the first step towards programming and getting a promising and highly paid profession in the future.

Training is individual, one-on-one with a teacher. 100% of the time only to your child.

The first lesson is free! Show your child that programming is cooler than playing!

Now it is difficult to find a child who has never played computer games. But many of them do not even suspect that behind a beautiful picture and an interesting plot, there are hours of hard work and creative ideas of many talented programmers who receive good money for their work.

Our course on creating computer games online is an opportunity for a child to go “beyond” the game and understand that its development can be as exciting as the game itself.

Why enroll in a course on creating computer games?

The purpose of our course is to show children how modern games are created. And gradually, but clearly and convincingly, convey the idea that the creativity of developers is no less exciting than the game itself.

Education gives the child the opportunity not only to master programming skills, but also to improve themselves in the following areas:

✓ Ideas. Game development starts with an idea. Before the child chooses that very single concept, several dozen ideas will be born in his head.

✓ Creativity. Thinking through the plot, the picture, the capabilities of the character, great turns on the imagination, which, in turn, is the basis of non-standard thinking.

✓ Discipline.  While creating computer games for kids is fun, it still requires a certain level of discipline.

✓ First step in IT. Learning to program computer games makes a child interested in IT technologies in general and motivates them to try different programming languages.

Outcome of training — knowledge and skills to develop games on professional platforms used worldwide. The finished game product can be placed on your phone or computer, and then added to the official Google Play Market for free download or sale.

Training is individual, one-on-one with a teacher. 100% of the time only to your child.

The first lesson is free! Show your child that programming is cooler than playing!

Python – programming for children 9-16 years old – start your way into IT

Do you understand the demand for IT technologies? Do you want your child to be able to work in this field? The online Python programming course is ideal for those who start their way in the IT industry, adapted for school-age children.

Python is one of the most accessible, simple, flexible and popular (in the top 5) programming languages. It is on it that the platforms popular today are written: Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, DropBox.

Python is needed to create:

  • sites and WEB-applications;
  • browser games and chat bots;
  • artificial intelligence and robotics;
  • Yandex and Google work on it. Python has variations of ready-made modules for different IT projects and is available to your child!

Why does a student need Python?

Knowledge of Python will be useful for the implementation of all kinds of IT projects, data analysis and creation of software products. The child will understand how to use one of the leading programming languages to write code, compose algorithms, develop services and applications, create games and websites.

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The teachers of our online school give children maximum practice. At the end of the training, each student will create more than one own project. Having learned to program in Python, your child will be ready for in-depth development of the profession of a developer and other related IT specialties.

Training is individual, one-on-one with a teacher. 100% of the time only to your child.

The first lesson is free! Show your child that programming is cooler than playing!

Python / Minecraft programming for kids 8-16 years old – play and learn

Does the child want to play on the computer? Do not forbid him, just direct his interest in the right direction. To do this, there is a special development environment for learning programming based on Minecraft and the Python programming language. Thanks to the craving for this game, your child will learn the basics of programming, which will be useful to him in the future for building a career in the IT world.

Minecraft Learning Program

Students learn to program in the Minecraft environment in one of the most promising and popular programming languages, Python. For younger children without training, we teach Minecraft on Scratch. The incentive is the ability to increase the level of the hero in a matter of minutes.

Learning online one-on-one with a teacher, the child will develop algorithmic thinking, learn to understand the connections between the program he personally created and what is happening in the Minecraft game, write algorithms and find errors in them. By the end of the course, he is implementing several of his own projects through programming.

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The teachers of our online school conduct training in a friendly environment, taking into account the skills and interests of the children, monitoring progress and giving constant feedback. Upgrade your child’s programming skills by giving them the foundation for professional growth.

Roblox Online Programming Course for Kids 8+ – Create Your Own Game

Can’t take your child away from the computer? Interest in computer games can be put to good use, because today the profession of a game and application developer is in high demand. Introduce the growing computer genius to the world of programming and IT technologies.

Creating games in Roblox

Roblox is a bright, colorful, multifunctional, multi-user application, popular in wide circles and adapted for school children. On the Roblox platform, children easily learn how to develop their own 3D computer games that can be played on desktops and smartphones, and share their projects with other users, effectively interacting in a common environment.

Upon completion of the course, each student will build a personal game project. It can be an online quest, a virtual universe, races and much more for the personal taste of the child.

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In the lessons of our online school, children will thoroughly get acquainted with the Roblox platform and the basics of programming in the Lua language in order to learn how to fully express their own creative abilities, creating unique software and implementing ideas in the game world.

Studying one-on-one with a teacher, your child will receive a powerful base for further development and advancement in the field of programming and IT.

The first lesson is free! Show your child that programming is cooler than playing!

Convincing the benefits of a course on creating websites is not easy – you still need to find someone who doubts it.

Indeed, right now, when everyone has their own page on the network, web specialists are needed and will always be needed.

Our course will give you enough knowledge to build a personal website, an advertising page, your own online store.

What do kids learn in a web programming course?

Learning to create websites is built in two directions: HTML + CSS and JavaScript, which are studied at the same time. What are they?

HTML – the basis of everything we see on the web: websites, applications, blogs, social networks, online stores, promo pages, useful services. It is a simple markup language that defines the structure and content of web pages.

But to set colors, fonts, block layout on a page of one HTML is not enough: for this you need CSS.

It allows the finished page to look beautiful, stylish and neat.

So, the task of HTML is to mark up a resource, CSS creates its interface.

JavaScript is “responsible” for the interactive component of sites: notifications, menus, forms to fill out, pop-up windows, galleries, sliders, in a word, for everything that makes the site “alive”.

Recently, the possibilities of JS have expanded. Now with its help you can write desktop and mobile applications, games, and it is also used in robotics.

At the end of the course on creating websites, the child will be able to make up a personal website, a resource about a hobby, an advertising page.

Studying one-on-one with a teacher, your child will receive a powerful base for further development and advancement in the field of programming and IT.

The first lesson is free! Show your child that programming is cooler than playing!

Unity 3D programming online course for kids aged 10+ – you are a developer

Give your child the opportunity to look at the limitless world of computer games from the side of the developer. Acquaintance with terms and operations, the ability to set up objects, prefabs and animations, 3D modeling, level and interface design, sound engineering, learning programming is a great start for in-depth mastering of the IT profession.

What is Unity 3D?

Unity 3D is a game engine used by studios and independent developers of 3D games for Windows, Mac OS, Linux devices, PS, Xbox game consoles, tablets and smartphones. It is on this platform that popular games in various genres are written. Using Unity 3D, your child will be able to learn how to develop their own games and create powerful 3D shooters.

After completing the online course, students will learn:

As a result of the training, the child will develop his own unique full-fledged game, ready to be transferred to a computer, smartphone or other device. These are invaluable skills in spatial and logical thinking, advanced knowledge in programming, object physics, animation, modeling and design.

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At the lessons of our online school, the child will learn how to interact with the interface of the Unity program, learn the basics of programming in C #, be able to work with game elements and create unique game objects.

One-on-one training with a teacher involves the creation of several game projects at once and will significantly enrich your knowledge in programming, preparing you for mastering the Gamedev profession.

Make your child’s dream come true – sign him up for a course on creating a 3D game on Unity!

The first lesson is free! Show your child that programming is cooler than playing!

App Inventor — great way to learn to code from scratch.

App Inventor is very similar to Scratch with its drag and drop coding blocks. However, it includes all methods, functions, and other coding elements, and also focuses on both the code itself and the visualization of how it works.

It introduces children to the world of mobile programming through play and does not assume any previous experience. And the game, as you know, is the best way to learn.

All that is required of children is their creativity and imagination. They will develop mobile apps for Android that can be published on the Google Play Market.

Создание приложений не ограничивается простыми играми. В App Inventor можно создавать приложения, которые информируют и обучают. Имеется возможность использовать голосовые команды и GPS.

Why Learn Android Mobile Application Development?

✓ Versatility. Android easily integrates into any system. Developers can not limit their imagination and creativity by creating unique applications;
✓ Simplicity. Programming Android apps with APP Inventor is easier than other platforms;
 Ease of distribution. You can distribute applications not only through Google Play, but also using third-party services;
✓ Good compatibility. Android apps can run on devices from different manufacturers.

At the end of the course of creating mobile applications, the child can publish their own applications in the Play Market.

We conduct training individually with a teacher, to guarantee the speed and results of training.

Online course on 3D modeling for children from 10 years old – bring everything that your imagination draws to 3D

Do you feel creative in your child? Help him discover the facets of his individuality. 3D modeling is one of the most popular, interesting and demanded areas. This is the digital art of today, which is the future.

It is recommended to start learning 3D graphics from school age. At the same time, the child does not need special skills to work on a computer: his desire to start modeling in an animated environment is enough.

What will we study?

We teach children the principles of computer animation programs in Blender. Using these professional products, the student will be able to create author’s 3D objects and worlds, take the first steps into the exciting world of three-dimensional object creation.

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Classes are held in a game form, individually with a teacher.. The teachers of our school have extensive experience in teaching students and are themselves professional 3-d designers.

Apply for a free trial lesson right now and we will show your child how interesting and exciting the 3D world is!

If your kid can’t stay awake for hours on their favourite YouTube channels, we can put their enthusiasm for popular video content in the right direction. Experienced teachers will teach young filmmakers the art of video shooting, show them the tricks of running a successful channel and help them learn a lot of helpful and up-to-date knowledge about video editing:

  • how to shoot video content professionally and qualitatively, focusing on a beautiful, meaningful picture;
  • how to edit to assemble a cohesive and compelling video product from separate parts of the video;
  • What tools do YouTube celebrities use to enhance video content and engage audiences?

You don’t need any professional techniques to learn how to edit videos. You work with video content based on footage shot on an ordinary smartphone. The video editor is Adobe Premier Pro, which is easy to use and any child can master. As a result of the video editing lessons, teenagers will learn how to make a spectacular cut-out of frames with a music playlist and create video productions.

As a result of training in video editing:

The courses cater to children who want to show off their skills in creating cool videos with engaging scripts and cool ideas. Experienced teachers teach children to set up their shots and direct and edit their videos correctly. In the online classes at the video editing school, children try their hand at being operators and directors:

  • independently and with the help of teachers, they develop video clips and write scripts;
  • master basic camera and microphone techniques, and learn to set the right light;
  • receive voice-over skills for video clips, use special graphic effects, and learn the principles of colour correction.

Courses in online video editing for children involve more than just working with technology and computer video editors. Your child learns to stand in the frame, express himself through facial expressions, gestures, and speech, and try his hand at acting. If your child has been an artistic kid and growing up wants to create their own YouTube channel, give them or your support in this endeavour. Enrol your child in a video editing course, which will be the first degree to become a director, cameraman or screenwriter later in life.