Unity 3D programming for kids


The young programmer will master the popular platform for creating 3D games in Unity 3D


Learn the principles of programming (algorithms, loops, variables, etc.)


Program several interactive 3D games

Online game programming course in Unity 3D for kids ten and up – you are the developer

Give your child the opportunity to immerse themselves in the limitless world of computer games from the developer’s perspective. Familiarity with terms and operations, the ability to customise objects, prefabs and animations, 3D modelling, level and interface design, sound design and programming are all great starting points for an in-depth exploration of the IT profession.

What is Unity 3D?

Unity 3D is a game platform used by studios and independent developers of 3D games for devices running on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, PS, Xbox, tablets and smartphones. It is the platform for popular games in different genres. With Unity 3D, your child can learn to develop games themselves and create high-powered 3d shooters.

By completing the online course, young gamers will learn to:

At the end of the course, the child will have developed their own unique, complete game, ready to be transferred to a computer, smartphone or another device. These are invaluable spatial and logical thinking skills and advanced knowledge in programming, object physics, animation, modelling and design.

Apply for Unity 3D Online Course

One-to-one tuition with a teacher involves the creation of several game projects at once. This approach to learning will enrich the knowledge of young gamers in programming and prepare them for the profession of computer game programmer with an average salary of $2000-5000 and an opportunity to work abroad.

Make your child’s dream come true – sign him up for a course on creating a 3D game on Unity!

The first lesson is free! Show your child that programming is better than playing!

In this course, your child will:
list Learn what the UNITY 3D platform is and how it works;
list Get acquainted with the popular Unity3D game engine and the C# programming language;
list Learn the basic principles and techniques of modern three-dimensional computer games;
list Learn to model 3D objects, create characters and animation, and work with textures and lighting;
list Create your own full-fledged computer game.
See how online learning is going
Get your child interested in coding
Your child will create their first project
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Is your child a fan of Minecraft? It's great! The world of Minecraft will help him take his first steps into the world of programming and learn the basics of Python.

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. It has a simple syntax and is ideal for the first programming language.

Construct is the best and fastest way to create games for smartphones and computers. Don't worry if your child has no programming experience.

In the modern world, without a website, nowhere. We will teach you how to create and layout your own websites from scratch using HTML and CSS. We will show that creating websites is not difficult.

We'll teach your child how to turn ordinary videos taken on the phone into spectacular professional videos.

Read more about the course:

Unity 3D is the top-of-the-line, most popular, and easy-to-learn game creation engine. It’s like a magic wand in the hands of talented programmers, allowing them to masterfully bring creative, daring entertainment ideas to life with engaging plots, features, and characters. With the Unity platform, more than 50% of computer games are created, and professional Unity programmers have been at the top of the LinkedIn web resource for years.

Programming in Unity3D will interest a restless child because what can be more exciting to a young lover of computer entertainment than a game created by yourself. At the IT FUTURE ONLINE programming school, experienced and creative programming instructors help young gamers master the Unity 3D engine tools, take their first steps in augmented reality and create fascinating landscapes for their computer games and online excursions.

Unity 3D: Course outline and learning outcomes

Unity Engine training is built around the basic principle of proceeding from the simple to the complex. Lesson by lesson, young programmers gain professional skills in creating games by mastering and consolidating the material they have learned. To write scripts in Unity, they use the C# language. Its study involves an introduction to the concepts of syntax, classes and functions. On Unity programming courses, guys master many directions:

  1. Game Creation. Our programming teachers explain and show young gamers all the stages of game project development. In game design lessons, children learn how to adapt their work to the requirements of different platforms.
  2. Programming with C#. Having mastered the basic concepts of C#, children learn to write a “game algorithm” for games of various directions.
  3. Using animation and 3D models. The Unity course allows children to learn how to add animation elements to games and model characters and the environment.
  4. Design Document Development.

Children learn how to create clear and logical design documents describing the rules of the game, its plot, and its components.

In the programming course, children learn how to integrate external elements into their project: to add interesting textures and ready-made models, audio accompaniment and visual objects. The teachers at our online programming school teach young developers how to work with Unity and its additional features. After they finish their course, every high school student knows how to place their work on the Google Play Market, they know how to “monetise” it, and they know how to make a profit with their projects on the Internet.

If your child is into computer games, don’t extinguish or limit this childish interest – guide your child on how to move in the right direction. Enrol your little gamer in a Unity3D programming course, and a child’s hobby may grow into a perspective and challenging profession as an IT professional later on.