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Master the principles of programming (algorithms, loops, variables, etc.)


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Roblox Online Programming Course for Kids 8+ – Create Your Own Game

Can’t take your child away from the computer? Interest in computer games can be put to good use, because today the profession of a game and application developer is in high demand. Introduce the growing computer genius to the world of programming and IT technologies.

Creating games in Roblox

Roblox is a bright, colorful, multifunctional, multi-user application, popular in wide circles and adapted for school children. On the Roblox platform, children easily learn how to develop their own 3D computer games that can be played on desktops and smartphones, and share their projects with other users, effectively interacting in a common environment.

Upon completion of the course, each student will build a personal game project. It can be an online quest, a virtual universe, races and much more for the personal taste of the child.

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In the lessons of our online school, children will thoroughly get acquainted with the Roblox platform and the basics of programming in the Lua language in order to learn how to fully express their own creative abilities, creating unique software and implementing ideas in the game world.

Studying one-on-one with a teacher, your child will receive a powerful base for further development and advancement in the field of programming and IT.

The first lesson is free! Show your child that programming is cooler than playing!

Minecraft interface acc
What is an algorithm, program? acc
The concept of a subroutine. Implementation of subroutines. acc
Construction of buildings in the city. acc
Conditional constructions, While loops. acc
Variables acc
Loops using variables. acc
Solving arithmetic examples. acc
Computer without visual control. acc
Variables. Calculator. acc
Code lock. acc
Project finalization. acc
During this course, your child will:
list Learn the principles of the game engine, find out its strengths;
list Get basic game programming skills in Lua;
list Master the "ethics of the programmer" and get an idea of how to structure the code;
list Get basic knowledge of algorithms and optimization of projects and scripts;
list Learn to model objects, create characters and animation;
list Get an excellent base that will allow you to learn any other programming language.
See how online learning is going
Get your child interested in coding
Your child will create their first project
Get answers to all your questions
Check correctness

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About the course

The Roblox Programming Course is a great opportunity for computer gamers to get creative with their own video games. The surprisingly colorful environment and easy-to-understand interface of Roblox allow even the youngest users to develop interesting game plots and even create their own servers. The multiplayer online platform Roblox Studio is also designed to develop online quests, virtual worlds, online maps, puzzles, races.
The Roblox software tool was created in 2006. Its rapid global popularity is based on the fact that the user is provided with a wide range of options for creating diverse stories. The development of computer games with this tool is based on the basic principles of programming. The ability to create your own virtual worlds, scenarios and characters contributes to the development of the child’s creative abilities, intelligence and self-confidence.

Features of the Roblox Studio platform

The Roblox Studio community has more than 2 million programmers of different ages from around the world. They are united by the desire to implement their ideas through programming, share the results with other users and make the virtual world even more exciting and interesting. The platform provides a wide range of tools for this:

  • the objects used in games obey the laws of physics, that is, a complete analogy with the laws of nature of the real world is preserved;
  • in computer games, gamers can use not only items created on their own, but also buy the missing items for virtual currency;
  • The Roblox platform is a free online tool, but with its help, even novice web developers earn decent money.

Programming on the Roblox platform is not only fun entertainment, but also an opportunity to come up with productive strategies, think effectively and make the right decisions. With the help of the Roblox programming course, even a kid can feel like a real computer professional by creating his first game in a beautiful and vibrant virtual environment.

Main objectives of Roblox courses

Learning on Roblox is like an exciting children’s game with an exciting storyline and interesting adventures. The main thing that is required of the child is to study the interface in detail and learn the features of using various web tools. Our teachers are experienced gamers who know how to teach and play professionally, causing delight, respect and admiration among young students. The Roblox course program involves the development of the following material:

  • teachers explain in detail the principles of the tools for developing graphic objects and characters, teach how to play professionally;
  • children learn the Lua programming language and the principles of game design, on the basis of which they create their first game products;
  • in addition to creating video games, children learn algorithms for translating game rules into computer programs, using the necessary language structures;
  • Roblox programming involves the ability to test video games and publish them on various web platforms for users to access.

Enroll your child in the first free Roblox programming lesson by filling out the registration form on our website. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection. Starting computer education with the creation of games, a little gamer will receive the necessary programming skills for the successful development of IT technologies in the future