Creating mobile applications on App Inventor
for children

How we teach:

Individually, 1 on 1 with a teacher


We adapt the program to the goals and objectives of the student


Personal schedule and intensity of classes

App Inventor — great way to learn to code from scratch.

App Inventor is very similar to Scratch with its drag and drop coding blocks. However, it includes all methods, functions, and other coding elements, and also focuses on both the code itself and the visualization of how it works.

It introduces children to the world of mobile programming through play and does not assume any previous experience. And the game, as you know, is the best way to learn.

All that is required of children is their creativity and imagination. They will develop mobile apps for Android that can be published on the Google Play Market.

Создание приложений не ограничивается простыми играми. В App Inventor можно создавать приложения, которые информируют и обучают. Имеется возможность использовать голосовые команды и GPS.

Why Learn Android Mobile Application Development?

✓ Versatility. Android easily integrates into any system. Developers can not limit their imagination and creativity by creating unique applications;
✓ Simplicity. Programming Android apps with APP Inventor is easier than other platforms;
 Ease of distribution. You can distribute applications not only through Google Play, but also using third-party services;
✓ Good compatibility. Android apps can run on devices from different manufacturers.

At the end of the course of creating mobile applications, the child can publish their own applications in the Play Market.

We conduct training individually with a teacher, to guarantee the speed and results of training.

During this course, your child will:
list Get acquainted with the basics of programming on App Inventor;
list Learn how to create applications and games for smartphones;
list Master the principles of programming (algorithms, loops, variables, conditional statements, etc.);
list Learn how to create a user-friendly mobile interface;
list Create your own project and publish it on the Google Play Market;
list Will create more than one own project to consolidate the material.
See how online learning is going
Get your child interested in coding
Your child will create their first project
Get answers to all your questions
Check correctness

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. It has a simple syntax and is ideal for the first programming language.

In the modern world, without a website, nowhere. We will teach you how to create and layout your own websites from scratch using HTML and CSS. We will show that creating websites is not difficult.

Writing JavaScript code is easy and simple. It is quite popular and in demand. Thanks to JavaScript, the web becomes alive and interactive.

Is your child stuck on the computer? Why not become a developer? We will help you figure out how to create realistic 3D games and learn the C# language.

Knowing Java, you can create almost everything: from applications for Windows to websites. In addition, Java is one of the four most popular programming languages in the world!

About the course

It is difficult to imagine the day of a modern person without gadgets. The mobile phone helps us in planning events and travels, finding entertainment and, of course, in work. And all thanks to applications that simplify our lives. For various business areas, mobile applications have already become as important a channel of communication with customers and partners as websites, and sometimes even replaced web resources. Agree, it is much easier to book a plane ticket through the application than to look for the company’s website, contacts or go to the office.
Our online Android development course for kids will help your child take the first step towards becoming a mobile development expert. The courses will not only teach theory. A young programmer will learn how to create applications and games. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the course program provides for the implementation of practical tasks, namely, the creation of applications. Training takes place individually with the teacher. Therefore, the child can learn maximum knowledge and work out all the skills.
The course program also includes an introduction to one of the programming languages, knowledge of the main aspects and algorithms of the sphere, the creation of your own software and the possibility of distributing it on Google Play or other sources.

Benefits of working in Android app development

  • compatibility is not limited to one brand of phone, as is the case with the iPhone. Android programs can be installed on many brands of phones, which ensures availability and demand;
  • complete freedom of expression and creativity. Programming for mobile platforms allows you to develop literally anything. Whether it’s an application for work, entertainment or play;
  • development as a process in our course is relatively easy, since it uses the Java programming language.

This is an additional plus in the treasury of knowledge. After all, your child at the exit will know the basics of programming in the Java language. He will not need to learn it from scratch. And this is an excellent base for further study and deepening into the profession of a programmer. Register for itfuture courses and, who knows, maybe your young mobile developer will become a successful developer in 10-15 years.

During the course, the kid will create an android application with his own hands, which, if desired, can be placed on the Play Market (or other online stores) and made available to users from all over the world! Invest in your child’s future today.