Computer game programming
for kids


Master the modern game creation platform Construct 3


Master the principles of programming (algorithms, loops, variables, etc.)


Learn to create games for smartphones and PC and publish them on Google Play Market.

These days, it’s hard to find a kid who hasn’t played a single computer game. But many people don’t even realize that hours of hard work and creative ideas of many talented programmers are behind a great picture and an exciting storyline, and they get paid a lot of money for their work.

Our computer games course is an opportunity for a child to be ‘on the other side of a game and realize that their development can be just as exciting as the game itself.

Why learn to program computer games?

Our course aims to show children how modern games are created. In addition, we want to gradually and convincingly convey the message that programming your own games is even more fun than the game itself.

It gives children the opportunity not only to master programming skills but also to improve themselves in the following areas:

Ideas. Game development begins with an idea. Before the child chooses the same single concept, several dozen ideas are born in his head.

Creativity. Reflecting on the plot, the picture, and the possibilities of the character are perfect for stimulating the imagination, which is the basis for out-of-the-box thinking.

Discipline. Although making computer games is fun for children, it requires a certain level of discipline.

The first step in IT. Teaching games programming teaches children to be interested in IT technologies and motivates them to try out different programming languages and to develop in this direction.

The training result is the knowledge and skills to develop games on professional platforms used worldwide. The finished game product can be installed on your phone or computer and then added to the official Google Play Market for free download or sale.We only teach individually. 100% time only for your child.

The first lesson is free! Let your child understand that programming is better than playing!


Getting to know it and the first steps; acc

What Construct 3 is, Exploring the program interface, Adding a landscape;

Creating your worlds; acc

Game tasks, Creating your landscape, Exploring the movement of objects;

Scoring and working with sound; acc

Timers and scoring in the game; Working with sound: working through all the options;

The game "Tanks"; acc

Plot and learning curve in games; Automatic cannon; Weather conditions; Teleportation of the main character;

Creating new worlds and landscapes; acc

Creating a new world; Choosing a game genre and story; Landscape processing;

In-game scoring; acc

Creating Clones and Spawned Objects; Creating Life Indicators; Scoring Points for Object Action;


Adding Levels; acc

Creating and adding levels; Game time option; Working through all possible options;

Development of multiplayer acc
Development of a new own project; acc

Creating a new World using the magic brush, Studying the game scene settings, Processing the landscape;

Working on games; acc

Creating clones and spawned objects(Zombie shooter, Racing, Tower Defence, Runner, Boss, Space shooter, Angry Birds, Pac-man); Exploring loops; Exploring random number creation loops;

Creating more levels; acc

Develop your project; Game time option; Create 3 additional levels;

Finalization of the project. acc

Presentation of the game; Uploading the created game;

In this course, your child will:
list Learn to create games for computers and mobile phones and upload them to the Google Play Market;
list Learn the principles of programming (algorithms, loops, variables, conditional statements, etc.);
list Will develop algorithmic thinking;
list Gets an excellent foundation that will allow you to learn any other programming language;
list Will visually see the work of software algorithms in action; Will not create their project to consolidate the material.
See how online learning is going
Get your child interested in coding
Your child will create their first project
Get answers to all your questions
Check if the number is correct
Additional phone (if exists)

Let your child learn the basics of programming in a playful way by creating their own programs and games in Scratch by dragging and dropping blocks like Lego.

We'll teach your child how to turn ordinary videos taken on the phone into spectacular professional videos.

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. It has a simple syntax and is ideal for the first programming language.

Is your child a fan of Minecraft? It's great! The world of Minecraft will help him take his first steps into the world of programming and learn the basics of Python.

Is your child stuck on the computer? Why not become a developer? We will help you figure out how to create realistic 3D games and learn the C# language.

Read more about the direction:

It’s hard to find a child who has never played a computer game. But few people think about how much work goes into playing a game. Constructing courses for kids can help you immerse yourself in this fascinating process. Game development is a good start in the IT field.

Technology is moving fast, so programming is an important skill for modern man. Understanding the complexity of the process has many advantages. Seeing a large amount of work involved will make a child respect technology. She will realize the importance of subjects like physics, mathematics and English. The courses will help her create her own game world and master the development process in an exciting way.

Why enrol your child in game programming ?

The perfect time to learn to program is during childhood. Today’s children spend time on tablets, phones and computers every day. So why not make this process rewarding? As long as a teenager has free time, his brain is able to grasp a lot of information. In addition, the developmental process:

– it promotes logical thinking;

– teaches teamwork;

– it fosters creativity;

– it expands employment opportunities.

Not every student has to become a professional programmer. For most pupils, development lessons will turn into an exciting game. But some children will still show a passion for the IT sphere, and training will become an investment in a professional future.

Programming computer games for children will interest schoolchildren of all ages. The optimal to start is age 7-8 (second to third grade). At this age, methods and development are easier to grasp. Early learning is already possible during the teenage years, and basic knowledge is acquired. It helps to assimilate complex languages and tools much faster in the future. This approach will prepare the teenager for entry. If a child is supposed to become a developer, she should start learning materials as soon as possible. And the work created can become part of a professional portfolio.

Features of online courses

Online courses offer a variety of training programmes. These include learning the basics of the discipline, 2D game development, graphic design, etc. You can listen to the lessons from the comfort of your own home. The features of the remote format are as follows:

  • affordable price;
  • focus on the practical testing of knowledge acquired;
  • free schedule of attendance;
  • Quality materials aimed at the assimilation of knowledge.

After completing the course, the teenager will find it easier to take on more challenging areas. The best way to program games is with the Construct platform. With its help, computer and smartphone (Android, iOS) games are developed in a simplified format. With Construct lessons, the pupil will get the basic skills. The course will take you in an appropriate direction. You get to meet the teachers and see how the lessons go. With Construct, your child can create her first game without writing any code.

Programming lessons are an investment in your professional future

The Construct course is your first step into web design. The program includes theoretical and practical lessons. At the end of the studying course, the child will have created their own game. Each lesson is a contribution to the future. It is possible that your child will become a successful programmer or become a development manager.

IT FUTURE is a modern online space. If your child is keen on Minecraft or Counter-Strike, we will help you make the most of it. We’ll teach them how to design virtual worlds and master the codes. Each session will be filled with helpful information applied in practice. Check out our detailed course descriptions and sign up for your first free lesson. Help your child become an active rather than passive user of technology.