How to develop logical thinking and memory in a child

How to develop logical thinking and memory in a child

How to develop logical thinking in a child

It is necessary to develop logical thinking, attention and memory of the child from an early age. The sooner you start, the easier it will be for him to solve everyday and school problems. The IT Future School programming school tells how to develop logical thinking in children from 5 years old and how programming develops the thinking and personality of a child.

So, what games that develop logical thinking must be practiced with a child so that he does not have problems with logic. Here are the most effective techniques:

Search for common

We develop logical thinking for a child of 6-8 years old using a simple but very useful game:

  • Suggest two words that are not related. For example, a boat and a mug, puzzles and a nesting doll, a felt-tip pen and charcoal, etc.
  • Let the child find as many common signs as possible in 5-10 minutes, and then discuss the results. There can be both standard answers and unusual ones. Moreover, the latter are valued much higher and allow you to see the proposed words in a new light.

This simple game helps to find connections between objects, as well as to clearly understand what are essential and non-essential features.

Event and aftermath

Deduction games help develop logical thinking in a child of 8 years old. Deduction is pure logic. Here are simple examples of playing for an event and consequences:

  • Deductive method: Spring has come, so the trees have blossomed outside.
  • Inductive method: Trees bloomed on the street, which means spring has come.

Special programming courses for children help not only to learn new skills in the field of IT, but also develop logical thinking with the help of such games and tasks.

Development of logic and mathematics

Logic and math games help develop algorithmic thinking for programming. You can play strategy games, practice online tests, learn the Scratch language for kids.

In general, algorithmic thinking, which develops through mathematical games and programming classes, helps to:

  • master new knowledge and school subjects;
  • break down common tasks into subtasks;
  • search, analyze and assimilate information;
  • Understand sequential and parallel actions.

How does it improve thinking?

Parents often ask themselves the question – what does programming develop and why send their child to courses for young programmers? In addition to the fact that children learn to write programs / applications / games / websites on their own, work with computer graphics and create animation, programming:

  • develops the ability to solve mathematical and logical problems well;
  • helps to train thinking and improve brain health;
  • teaches you to find new approaches and non-standard solutions to complex problems.

If a child has developed logical thinking, he learns easier, learns new material faster, makes the right decisions about his future and career.