How to make gadgets useful and teach your child to code

How to make gadgets useful and teach your child to code

How to make a gadget useful for a child

The benefits of gadgets for children will always be a controversial topic for parents born before the 2000s. For most fathers and mothers, smartphones and tablets remain harmful toys that spoil their eyesight and deprive the child of the main thing – live communication and active games.

And now – STOP! The world has changed, and today’s children already from the age of three own mobile phones better than their grandparents. Today, game programming for beginners is available from the age of 8, and at 14-15, some teenagers earn on a par with their parents. Increasingly, schoolchildren are interested in the topic of how to create applications and master programming languages in order to start building a successful career in IT as early as possible.

Play and learn?

Why not? Programs such as “learning by playing” for children 6 years older are in demand in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. After all, advanced parents know how to make the hobby for gadgets bring maximum benefit and minimum harm to the child.

Here are a few options for courses that help you learn how to program games for beginners online (for children from 8 years old):
—    Programming with scratch will teach you how to create beautiful games in a simple and understandable language. Children themselves create virtual checkers, puzzles, Tetris, games like Mario.

—   Students easily master Python in online courses. It is a simple yet powerful programming language that is highly sought after by employers. Today, robots, mobile applications and programs for drones are written on it!

—   Young geniuses also cannot do without game programming skills at the Kodu Game Lab. With the help of this environment, children learn how to create three-dimensional games with fantastic characters and captivating stories. If your child is a dreamer who wants to build their own 3D worlds, then gadgets + an online coding school will be the best choice for their development.

The list of courses for the development of the child on the principle of “learning by playing” is very wide, and parents can choose any direction – taking into account the interests and abilities of their child.

Create your community

Yes, and this is also within the reach of modern children who master programming and know gadgets from A to Z. They can create their own online communities to communicate, share knowledge, and their personal projects. How to do this is described in detail in online schools, as well as on the Internet.

As you can see, children and gadgets, harm and benefit – all this can be in harmony if you approach the issue competently and teach children what not only entertains, but also develops. Programming games for kids are an easy way to involve your child in the world of complex technologies and ensure a successful future for them.