Java — it is a popular programming language that Oracle claims is now used by over 3 billion devices. It encodes gaming and mobile applications, desktop programs and specialized software for commercial enterprises.

Java applications are universal. Code that has been written and compiled in this programming language will definitely work on all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux.People who have mastered this language are guaranteed a well-paid job, comfortable working conditions, interesting projects and career growth.

Our Java programming course is designed for students from 10 years old: their knowledge and skills already allow them to effectively write code in this programming language.

We recommend enrolling in Java courses for those children who:

✓ want to learn how to create mobile applications and computer games in a popular language;
✓ are preparing to expand their knowledge in IT in general and Java in particular;
✓ plan to structure the existing knowledge and skills;
✓ strive to gain new practical experience in the Java language.

The result of learning Java courses for children — the ability to write games that will work on any operating system, as well as develop applications with an interface for smartphones and computers. And all these games and applications can later be used in your own portfolio!