Learning PHOTOSHOP for kids

Learning PHOTOSHOP for kids

Drawing has always been a way for children to express themselves, develop creative thinking and imagination. In our age of information technology, it is no longer only pencils and paints, but also computer graphics with its amazing capabilities. 

Graphic design is both the possession of graphic editors, and a sense of harmony of objects in space, as well as visual and intellectual experience that require active work of consciousness.

The main goal of the Photoshop course for children at IT FUTURE school is to teach children about computer image processing in an easy and accessible way.

Photoshop is perhaps the most famous and popular digital image editing tool. It is not only interesting and exciting, but also simple and convenient. Photoshop lessons for children in IT FUTURE are conducted by experienced practitioners, so they are suitable even for beginners.

With Photoshop you can:

✓ Create beautiful graphics and use the most important tool of a graphic designer;
✓ Create website design;
✓ Retouch photos and portraits;
✓ Prepare colorful materials for printing;
✓ Create beautiful banners;
… and much more.