Most in-demand programming languages for a successful career

Most in-demand programming languages for a successful career

It is difficult to imagine a more attractive area for a future career than IT. Comfortable working conditions, high wages and continuous growth in demand for programmers make this profession one of the most promising in the foreseeable future.
Programming combines a huge number of areas of activity and directions for the development of a future specialist. To have an advantage in employment, you should start accumulating the necessary knowledge and experience as early as possible, but for this you need to decide which of them will be relevant in the near future.

Main directions in programming

In any field of activity where software is used, specialists are also needed who create, configure and modernize it. Not surprisingly, programming includes a huge number of areas, among which new independent branches are constantly appearing. We will talk about the main ones.

Web development

This area includes the development of websites and various online services:

  • online stores and online catalogs;
  • corporate websites;
  • blogs;
  • news resources, etc.

It is web development that is the most popular direction in programming, as it combines a huge demand for specialists and a relatively low entry threshold.
Web development includes two main specializations:

  1. Frontend. Responsible for the processes that run in the user’s browser. Depends on it: interface, visual style, correct display of site elements, adaptability to different types of devices, etc. Most of the work is done with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  2. Backend. The field of activity of backend specialists is everything that happens on the server, that is, internal algorithms that control the operation of the Internet resource. There is a wider selection of tools here. In addition to programming languages ​​such as PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript and Ruby, skills in using database management systems such as MySQL, MongoDB or Cassandra are also required.
    It is easy to learn the basics and get a job with minimal experience in this field. But in order to qualify for a salary above $300, more specific skills are needed, which include not only hard skills (direct knowledge of a programming language at the right level), but also soft skills (ability to communicate with a team, knowledge of English, etc.).

Mobile Application Development

This is a rapidly growing area, which in the near future, in terms of scale in the labor market, may well be compared with web programming. Mobile development involves the creation of various applications for smartphones and other smart gadgets on Android and iOS operating systems. It can be:

  • messengers;
  • aviators;
  • translators;
  • banking applications;
  • mobile services for online shopping and much more.

The threshold of entry, as well as the initial salary level, in the development of mobile applications is significantly higher, since a specialist has to work with much wider functionality.

Development of desktop applications

This direction includes the creation of various software, which requires installation on a computer. Photoshop, Notepad, Microsoft Office software products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all examples of desktop applications.
The growth rate of this segment has slowed down in recent years, and the active development of a direct competitor in the form of web applications played an important role in this. The latter include programs that do not require installation on a PC, but rather an Internet connection.
But still, the creation of desktop software remains a promising area for future employment, since it is impossible to completely replace it with web counterparts.


Probably everyone who plans to link their lives with programming has at least once thought about developing games. And for good reason: game development is a fairly promising area for employment with high wages. Besides, it is difficult to imagine in what other field a technical specialist can receive such an emotional return from his own creation.
Game programmers create the basic mechanics, which includes a huge range of diverse tasks, such as AI development, creation of game objects, etc.

Embedded Systems Programming

Creation of programs for working with various types of equipment:

  • microcontrollers;
  • Appliances;
  • production equipment;
  • various types of sensors, warning systems, etc.

To work in this niche, it is very important to understand not only the software, but also the hardware with which to work.

Software automation of business processes

This is the implementation and support of the correct operation at enterprises of such programs as 1C, amoCRM, Bitrix24, etc. The duties of a specialist include setting up, updating and training employees to work with the software.
Large companies highly value such specialists, as successful process automation often results in multi-million dollar revenue growth or savings. At the same time, the threshold for entry into the profession is relatively low.

Data Science

Specialists in this field provide effective work with large amounts of data: structuring, storage, processing and analytics. This may be the client base of a large retail chain or the results of scientific research.
This direction is relatively young in programming, while it has one of the highest wage rates. But the requirements for specialists are also appropriate: in addition to programming languages, the work also requires knowledge of mathematical analysis and statistics.

Internet of Things (LOT)

This is the concept of smart devices, the interaction between which takes place through a single network. Today, the Internet of things is actively used for smart home systems and industrial enterprises. In addition, many countries around the world are developing this concept to create smart cities, which will significantly improve the quality of life in them.

Rating and statistics by programming languages in 2021

The international association IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) conducted a study where, based on data obtained from 8 independent sources such as GitHub, CareerBuilder, Hacker News, Reddit, etc., it ranked the most popular programming languages.

Место Язык программированияКоличество баллов
1Python 100
2 Java  95,4
3C    94.7
4C++    92.4
5JavaScript    88.1
6С#    82.4
7R    81.7
8Go    77.7
9HTML   75.4
10Swift    70.4

The rating is based on 11 metrics, the key of which is the frequency of mentions by users on various popular resources. The basis for it was the preferences of English-speaking users.
In Russia, things are similar. For clarity, we decided to compare with data on the frequency of search queries in Google Trends over the past 5 years.

As of the end of October 2021, Python leads by a wide margin, followed by JavaScript, C++, Java, and HTML in descending order. The rest of the IEEE TOP-10 languages are of much less interest to Russian-speaking users.

Top 5 Most Popular Programming Languages for Employers

Just a decade ago, PHP topped the rankings of the most popular programming languages, and today programmers are increasingly using JavaScript and Python for web projects.

What languages should you start your coding journey with?
We studied the market and statistics, found out the opinion of developers and the level of salaries, and now we will tell you: what programming language to learn today so that employers hunt for you tomorrow.


Java programming has replaced the popular C++ language in the 1990s and has become one of the most in-demand for business. Java is a rather cumbersome language, so it is not suitable for the cloud technology industry. But among android developers and creators of business applications, it is in high demand.
Effective Programming Java is one of the top 3 most popular languages. If we analyze the US market, then here Java is second only to Python, and takes the sixth line in terms of average salary. If you look at what programming language is in demand among Russian employers, then Java will also be in the top three – the salary of programmers is at least 100 thousand per month.


A universal language with a wide range of applications. It is used to write programs for robots, drones, applications for PCs and mobile devices. In Russia, the Python programming language is not as popular as in the West, but in this world everything is changing very quickly. And while others are mastering PHP, Assembly or VBA, Python programming for children and beginners is becoming more and more popular in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia.
According to many studies, Python is the most popular programming language at the moment. In the field of machine learning and data science, this language is #1! If we compare the average salary of US programmers, then Python will be in third place, and developers who have mastered this language need much less experience to get a high salary.


Today, up to 80% of sites use PHP, and programming for beginners in this language is a great opportunity to quickly find your first job. It is on it that the most popular CMS Joomla, WordPress are based.
Is it difficult to learn php? Not! The language is quite easy to learn, available on different operating systems, has a large amount of developments. It is increasingly being included in online school curricula and website building courses.
If you are looking for the most popular and in-demand programming languages, PHP is one of them. PHP programmers easily find work in the offices of Russian companies and freelance. Salary starts from 65 thousand per month.


Javascript programmers in Russia have the best chance of finding a job – this programming language breaks all records in terms of the number of vacancies. The salary is also very decent – even novice specialists can claim a monthly salary of 70,000 rubles and more.
Having studied the basics of Javascript syntax, you can safely proceed to site building. The complexity of javascript is low, so this is a great solution for kids who want to learn programming as early as possible. The most effective and convenient way to study is an online school with practice.


Learning HTML and CSS for kids is also a good idea if you want to get your teenager excited about programming. These are NOT programming languages, but without them it is impossible to logically build any web page. The ability to “communicate” in HTML + CSS is a must-have skill for any web professional who creates or edits content on the web. And you can master HTML + CSS already in your teens!
As you can see, web programming for children is always the right decision that will make it easier to choose a future profession and build a successful career.

Programming languages now and in the near future

Automation is gradually penetrating into all spheres of human activity, whether it be production or household tasks. Programs and robots do everything that a person does, only better, faster, and in some cases, cheaper.
The demand for physical human labor is declining, while intellectual labor is growing. In any area where software products are involved, the demand for technical specialists to ensure their performance will grow. Therefore, we can safely assume that the profession of a programmer will become one of the most promising in the near future.

Which languages are losing relevance

Assembly language

The assembler has become obsolete due to excessive complexity and large losses of time when working with it. For the sake of increased productivity, most companies have moved to higher-level languages. Today it can only be found in programming microcontrollers and embedded processors.


This language can also be considered not relevant, since over the past 5 years it has not been used in any large and successful project. Of course, specialists are still needed to maintain the correct operation of software created on Cobol, but their number is constantly decreasing. Therefore, it is definitely not worth spending energy learning this language.


For many years, the demand for Perl has been rapidly declining. This is due to the wrong vector of development chosen by its creators, who decided to abandon the expansion of functionality in favor of increasing syntactic capabilities for the convenience of the user. Do not forget about Python, which, being a direct competitor of this language, provides a much simpler structure and convenient tools.


This is an object-oriented language that was used by Apple at one time. It was the rapid growth in iPhone sales that made Objective-C fairly well-known in specialist circles. But due to many shortcomings, Apple decided to abandon this language, after which it never found its use in any field.

Which programming language to choose

The choice of language to learn in the first place should depend on what niche your child will build a career in. For example, you can’t do without JavaScript in the frontend, and besides, you can’t do without skills with HTML and CSS. As a backend specialist, the choice is much wider, but the best place to start is with a general-purpose language like Python. Since the ability to work with it will be useful not only in web development, but also in many other areas.
In any case, it is worth considering that your choice now determines the entire future fate of the child. One of the main benefits of learning to code at an early age is time. The child has the opportunity to try to explore several options and choose the one that he likes the most.

General IT trends regardless of programming languages

From the very moment of its inception, the sphere of Internet technologies has shown an annual increase in capital turnover and the number of specialists involved. But over the past few years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a real leap in the demand for digital technologies.
More and more brands are using the Internet as the main tool for interacting with the audience, and the digital first principle is increasingly used as the basis for company development strategies. This only confirms the promise of IT for a future career.
At the same time, programmers are by far not the only highly paid specialists in this field; there are other equally attractive professions here.

Business analytics

These specialists are in high demand in companies developing client software. They help the client to form the correct requirements, and the developers to create a product that will best meet the goals of the customer.
The business analyst understands both the needs of the client and the capabilities of the development team. Therefore, it acts as a link in communication with the entrepreneur, significantly improving the quality of communication and the final result of cooperation.

IT consulting

Experts in this field help to choose the best ways for business development with the help of Internet technologies. In this profession, it is very important to understand what can be achieved using certain technologies, and therefore basic technical knowledge will come in handy.

Project management

The project manager is the person who coordinates the work of the entire technical team. He draws up a work plan, distributes tasks and monitors their implementation. Although the manager is not directly involved in the development, he is a key figure in the work on the project.
In this profession, not only organizational skills are important, but also a subtle understanding of the development process. Therefore, skills and experience in programming in this profession will be very useful.

Internet Marketing

The promotion of a software product is often as important as its creation. Specialists in Internet marketing are engaged in the promotion of developed websites and applications using online tools such as search engine optimization, SMM, contextual advertising, etc. Such professions are in great demand in the IT market, as they increase the efficiency and profitability of digital business tools.