Online programming school: the advantages of such training for children

Online programming school: the advantages of such training for children

Why we switched to online classes at 8 years old

Most often, online schools for children start as regular courses. And it doesn’t matter – learning to program, foreign languages or cross-stitching, the format is almost always the same – group classes. However, today’s realities dictate their own rules and modern schools are no longer those classes with a dozen noisy students who interfere with each other. There are too many disadvantages in the old format of teaching children to program, so it is being abandoned in favor of online lessons.

Why are online courses in programming and development of games and applications many times more effective?

learning to program: cons of offline school

  • Low quality of education. If there are 5-6 students in the class, and everyone needs to explain the theory and show new material in practice, will there be a result from such “study”? Hardly! Teachers had to spend a lot of time setting up children for work.
  • Lack of an individual approach. All children are different, each with their own character, abilities, level of training. For some, everything is easy, others need to think longer, so it is impossible to give everyone the same tasks. Someone will not be in time, that is, slow down the entire group. And this affects the quality of assimilation of the material.
  • The imaginary benefits of teamwork. For socialization, teamwork is good, but if you want your child to seriously learn programming, he does not need company. In order to master coding and programming languages, a child needs only a computer and a mentor.

What are the benefits of online programming lessons

  • Lessons are one-on-one with the teacher. The child is engaged in his own, comfortable pace for him, no one is distracted.
  • All classes are supervised by the teacher. He sees the student’s screen, checks homework, prompts when it is needed, and helps him if necessary.
  • The most comfortable lessons for the child. Learning to program online takes place at home, in a familiar environment. The student communicates freely with the teacher.
  • For parents, this format is also the most convenient. No need to waste time and take the child to school, but you can sit next to and watch the lesson.
  • The freedom of action. You can study from anywhere in the world – from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia. You can end and resume classes at any time.
  • The benefits are immediately noticeable. School performance improves, logical thinking, mathematical abilities develop. And, of course, children get acquainted with programming and get a powerful motivation to master a highly paid profession – a programmer.

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