Programming for teenagers: when to start

Programming for teenagers: when to start

Programming for teenagers: when to start

For many parents, it becomes a real discovery that modern children at 11-12 can do full-fledged IT projects, and teenagers at 14-16 are already making money on creating websites and applications.

Today you can become a programmer at any age. The number of years does not affect the ability to program in any way, but the sooner you start, the easier it will be to learn a new profession. Therefore, teaching programming to children most often begins at the age of 7-8 – there is no lower bar for a “suitable” age.

When isn’t it too early?

You can become a good programmer at the age of 14-16 if you start coding at the age of seven. Moreover, today this is not a problem – there are a lot of online programming courses for children from scratch. It all starts with simple games and learning languages, and the result is young programmers with a good application for future employment.

Already at the age of 15-16, teenagers can find their first programming job. Yes, this is not a place on the staff of the company, but it is an opportunity to earn some good money on freelancing. To get a job officially, you need at least a certificate and a document on the completion of programming courses. Freelancers-teens can take orders on appwork,, kwork, Weblancer or other exchanges. This is a good experience that will come in handy in your future IT career.

At what age can you start learning?

Individual programming training programs at the IT Future School are good because it is never too early and never too late to learn here. Lessons are taught at a pace that suits the student. However, there are some points to consider –

  • The sooner the training begins, the more programming languages, platforms and technologies the student will try.
  • The main thing is not to beat off the hunt and stay motivated. If a child has a desire to code at 8 or 16 years old – do not ignore it, start learning.
  • Online programming courses at IT Future School are designed to make it as interesting and comfortable for children to learn complex processes and programming languages.

What languages should I start learning programming with?

Eight-year-olds begin their acquaintance with the world of programming in scratch courses for children. Older teenagers can safely take on the study of more complex languages such as Python or JavaScript.

The most popular are:

  • Stably does not leave the top three most popular programming languages. One of the top three in terms of wages among programmers.
  • Programs for robots and applications are written on it. One of the most popular among Western employers.
  • An ideal choice as a first language. It is easy to learn and breaks records for the number of vacancies in Russia.
  • HTML and CSS. If it is interesting to fill sites and edit content, then you can safely master these languages.

Sign up your child for a free trial lesson at IT Future School to understand which language and learning program is closer to him.