Programming in Minecraft
for kids


The child will learn the Python programming language and its application in the game environment of Minecraft;


Will learn Python syntax, code structure, conditions and data types;


Learn how to link programming code with objects within the game Minecraft;

Python / Minecraft programming for kids ages 8-16 – play and learn

Does your child love Minecraft? We know how to use this hobby to learn the Python programming language. There is a specific development based on Minecraft and the Python programming language for this purpose. Your child’s attraction to this game will teach them the basics of programming, which will come in handy in the future to build a career in the IT world.

Minecraft curriculum

Kids learn how to program in a Minecraft environment using one of the most advanced and popular programming languages, Python. Younger children are taught Minecraft in Scratch with no training. The incentive is the ability to level up a hero in minutes.

By learning online individually with a teacher, your child will develop algorithmic thinking, understand the connections in programming and what’s going on in the game of Minecraft, write algorithms and find bugs in them. By the end of the course, your child will have built several projects of their using programming.

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Our online school teachers teach in a friendly environment, keeping kids’ skills and interests in mind, monitoring progress and giving constant feedback. Build your child’s programming skills and take the first step towards a professional career.


Gamers learn what a performer is in the game; acc
  • Passing through a tutorial level, getting to know the interface and controls in Minecraft;
  • New features in the Education Edition mod;
Algorithm program; acc
  • Writing programs in a visual editor;
  • Repeat loops.
The concept of subroutines. Implementation of subprograms; acc
  • Using programs within others;
  • Building small room boxes;
  • Building ceilings;
  • Building large rooms.
Building buildings in the city; acc
  • Building castles;
  • Construction of skyscrapers;
Conditional Constructions; Cycles While; acc
  • Improving the tunnelling program;
  • Conditional constructs If;
  • While loops.


Variables; acc
  • Numeric variables;
  • Other variables;
  • Loops with variables.
Variable cycles; acc
  • Nested loops with variables;
  • Simplifying and creating more complex programmes.
Solving arithmetic examples; acc
  • The Inspect Block command;
  • Solving arithmetic examples using a program.
A computer without visual control; acc
  • Getting to know computers in Minecraft;
  • First programs. Displaying data on the screen.
Variables. Calculator; acc
  • Variables, storing data in a computer;
  • Writing a calculator;
  • Conditional constructions.
Code lock. acc
  • Conditional constructions;
  • Program for homeowner authorization;
  • Controlling electrical signals in Minecraft.
Finalization of the project. acc
  • Presentation of the game;
  • Downloading the created game.
In this course, your child will:
list Learn the Python programming language and the MineCraft environment;
list Build complex structures, and perform time-consuming and rewarding tasks using Python algorithms;
list Learn Python syntax, code structure, conditions and data types;
list Create their worlds in the Minecraft environment faster and better with Python;
list Get a great base that will be a steep start to learning other programming languages.
See how online learning is going
Get your child interested in coding
Your child will create their first project
Get answers to all your questions
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Construct is the best and fastest way to create games for smartphones and computers. Don't worry if your child has no programming experience.

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. It has a simple syntax and is ideal for the first programming language.

Is your child stuck on the computer? Why not become a developer? We will help you figure out how to create realistic 3D games and learn the C# language.

There are billions of websites in the modern world, so WEB specialists are and always will be needed. Learn how to create websites from scratch using HTML + CSS and JavaScript.

Creation of 3D graphics (characters, worlds, cars) and computer animation with Blender.

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Programming is as grand as exploring Minecraft’s virtual reality. With a bit of imagination, you can create anything here. And by controlling the virtual world through Python, you can unleash your potential. Taking your first steps in IT is not easy. First, you have to learn some tedious coding. “Minecraft for Kids” lessons will help you create new things and watch the result.

Courses are based on the visualization of concepts and implementation in virtual space. Your child will design three-dimensional universes, manage them, and have a fun and rewarding time.

Why Minecraft for kids?

Students like Minecraft, but parents do not always approve of such a child’s enthusiasm. Therefore, why not take advantage of your child’s passion and direct it in a helpful direction? Lessons will allow the proper use of digital tools and not just spending time mindlessly in the game. The use of Python will encourage an engaging and educational process of play. It is possible with a small effort to develop something unique and functional.

Schoolchildren will master the basics of programming and mathematical knowledge. All these skills are suitable for adult life. Programming Minecraft is not just a place to play games and a learning environment. Students will create his dimension, in which he will master MakeCode. The program contains blocks and can convert to Javascript in one click. The courses will allow:

  • develop critical thinking;
  • work in a team;
  • solve problems creatively;
  • analyze the situation;
  • plan actions in advance;
  • to negotiate.

The constructor game is recognized as a true phenomenon in the industry. In 2014, it was acquired by Microsoft Corporation, which caused a push for development. It manifested itself through a new way of learning complex algorithms. The constructor became part of educational systems around the world. In Sweden, Meinkraft programming is even included in the school curriculum and used as a tool for digital creativity.

What will the students learn?

The “Minecraft for Kids” courses are adapted for schoolchildren 8-16 years old. Programming lessons take place in a personal online format. Logic is going to be developed with the help of the beloved game. Junior high school students study Minecraft on Scratch. But regardless of age, as part of the courses, the young gamer:

– Will master the language Python;

– master the syntax of the language;

– get a basis for further progress in IT;

– learn how to build a structure and perform time-consuming tasks;

– master the environment of Minecraft.

Classes in Minecraft for children will show quick results. At the same time, the program involves the use of Real tools. It is 85% practical and 15% theoretical. Going into an imaginary reality, young IT people will learn the concept of algorithms, cycles and applications. The teacher controls all actions and sees online what happens on the screen. He draws and writes there for a better explanation. The course “Programming in Mineсraft for kids” is the first step to a promising profession. It will teach teamwork and develop spatial thinking.


What should you expect?

A computer game format Minecraft course for kids will help them practice algorithmic skills. The teenager will develop characters and a universe. He will also take his first steps in algorithmization. Upon completion, students can move on to lessons in Python. This language is already adult word-processing programming. Minecraft for children is a preparation for more serious topics.

Based on the popular game product, the teacher will introduce the future programmer to basic concepts. By playing, the teenager will see the structure of the code and data types, adapted according to the goals and knowledge of the students. Lessons take place on a convenient schedule, and a certificate is issued at the end of the course.

IT FUTURE will turn a hobby into a beneficial skill. Studying with us has always encouraged further development. We offer materials that are a perfect balance of helpful and exciting. The kid will understand that creating is much more interesting than looking at TikTok or Instagram. Sign your child up for their first free class. Give your child the gift of combining play with learning.