Programming in Minecraft
for kids


The child will learn the Python programming language and its application in the Minecraft gaming environment;


Master the syntax of the Python language, code structure, conditions and data types;


Learn to associate program code with objects inside the Minecraft game;

Python / Minecraft programming for kids 8-16 years old – play and learn

Does the child want to play on the computer? Do not forbid him, just direct his interest in the right direction. To do this, there is a special development environment for learning programming based on Minecraft and the Python programming language. Thanks to the craving for this game, your child will learn the basics of programming, which will be useful to him in the future for building a career in the IT world.

Minecraft Learning Program

Students learn to program in the Minecraft environment in one of the most promising and popular programming languages, Python. For younger children without training, we teach Minecraft on Scratch. The incentive is the ability to increase the level of the hero in a matter of minutes.

Learning online one-on-one with a teacher, the child will develop algorithmic thinking, learn to understand the connections between the program he personally created and what is happening in the Minecraft game, write algorithms and find errors in them. By the end of the course, he is implementing several of his own projects through programming.

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The teachers of our online school conduct training in a friendly environment, taking into account the skills and interests of the children, monitoring progress and giving constant feedback. Upgrade your child’s programming skills by giving them the foundation for professional growth.


What is a performer? acc
  • Passing the tutorial level, getting to know the interface and controls in Minecraft;
  • New features of the Education Edition mod;
What is an algorithm, program? acc
  • Writing programs in a visual editor;
  • Repeat Loops.
The concept of a subroutine. Implementation of subroutines. acc
  • Using programs inside others;
  • Building boxes of small rooms;
  • Construction of ceilings;
  • Construction of large rooms.
Construction of buildings in the city. acc
  • Building castles;
  • Construction of skyscrapers;
Conditional constructions, While loops. acc
  • Improvement of the tunneling program;
  • Conditional constructions If;
  • while loops.
Variables acc
  • Numeric variables;
  • Other variables;
  • Cycles with variables.
Loops using variables. acc
  • Nested loops with variables;
  • Simplify and create more complex programs.
Solving arithmetic examples. acc
  • Inspect Block command;
  • Solving arithmetic examples using the program.
Computer without visual control. acc
  • Introduction to computers in Minecraft;
  • First programs. Data output to the screen.
Variables. Calculator. acc
  • Variables, data storage in a computer;
  • Writing a calculator;
  • conditional constructs.
Code lock. acc
  • Conditional constructions;
  • Program for authorization of the owner of the house;
  • Controlling electrical signals in Minecraft.
Project finalization. acc
  • Game presentation;
  • Loading the created game.
During this course, your child will:
list Learn the Python programming language and the MineCraft environment;
list Build complex structures, perform time-consuming and useful tasks using Python algorithms;
list Build complex structures, perform time-consuming and useful tasks using Python algorithms;
list Create your own worlds in the MineCraft environment, faster and better with Python;
list Get an excellent base that will allow you to learn any other programming language.
See how online learning is going
Get your child interested in coding
Your child will create their first project
Get answers to all your questions
Check correctness



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Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. It has a simple syntax and is ideal for the first programming language.

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About the course

The legendary computer game Minecraft is familiar to millions of children and adults around the world. Created by a Swedish programmer in 2009, the creative and interesting computer environment from the first minutes of immersion in it captivates with many opportunities to create your own worlds. However, the cult “Minecraft” is not only a game, but also a unique educational product created on its basis. Therefore, programming in a familiar gaming environment is always interesting, exciting and fun.
On the basis of the popular game product, teachers of the Itfuture online school introduce future programmers to the basic concepts of programming, study the syntax of the Python language, which is considered the most popular today. Mastering the basic skills of writing code, the guys create their characters, objects, structures, write commands to control the characters. While playing easily, future programmers study the structure of the code, get acquainted with data types, algorithms and loops. Just as the guys create new characters and objects from the cubes in Minecraft, their confidence in the first steps on the exciting path of programming is also growing!

Why is Minecraft suitable for learning to code?

Every child who has ever played this popular game knows how much time and effort must be spent on extracting new resources. But this process can be greatly facilitated and accelerated by using command lines and program codes. Programming captivates the young gamer with the possibilities of creating large-scale objects and projects with just the right spelling of the command line. Feeling like a real wizard, a little programmer flares up a spark of creativity and a thirst for interest in new knowledge. Children love programming in Minecraft for the following reasons:

  1. Getting fast results. Our teachers teach future programmers using live examples, showing them what effects and objects can be obtained by competent writing of program code. Therefore, each lesson convinces students that, using the right programming tools, you can show your creativity indefinitely: build labyrinths, palaces, dungeons …
  2. Favorite gaming environment. As soon as the kid sees the familiar “Minecraft” screensaver on the Internet, he is already looking forward to how he will embody his ideas from numerous virtual cubes. Therefore, young gamers – future programmers do not need to reacquaint themselves with the interface of this computer environment, it is very familiar to them.
  3. Mastering basic programming skills

Teaching programming in a playful way involves the use of not toy, but serious, professional tools. Plunging into the world of Minecraft creativity, children learn the concepts of a cycle, code, programs, create scripts, learn the syntax of the Python language, experiment, work online in a team.
If your child is addicted to the legendary computer game, you should not devalue his hobby and consider it only children’s entertainment. Our school of computer programming for children will help turn your passion for the game into an interesting educational process. The schedule of online training is selected individually. Sign up your child for a training course, visit the first lesson for free and give the little gamer the opportunity to play and learn with their favorite Minecraft!