Programming in Scratch for Kids


Your child will program more than 10 interactive games


Master the principles of programming (algorithms, loops, variables, etc.)


Gain an excellent foundation that will allow them to learn any other programming language

Online Scratch Programming course for kids 7-14 years old – a successful start

IT technology has taken over the world. If your child is interested in computers – do not get in the way, but adjust their trajectory. We show them why they need a computer, teach them the basics of programming and give them a head start in the IT world.

What is SCRATCH?

Scratch is a programming language for kids, enabling them to create animated and interactive games, presentations, websites and smartphone applications. Visually, Scratch resembles a game with a Lego constructor, hence simple and easy to understand. Ideal as a first programming language.


Learning programming languages is no easy task for an adult, let alone for children for whom commands and algorithms are a mystery. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) have developed visual software programmed using coloured blocks. It’s the perfect software to start exploring programming.

What is the result of learning?

Your child will master the fundamentals of Scratch programming and learn algorithms, variables, loops, sprites and many others.

As a result, your child will learn to:

  • create apps for smartphones;
  • Program browser games;
  • Solve software and mathematical problems.

Let your child take the first step in the program and get later on a high-paying profession with a salary of $ 2000-6000.

Teaching is individualized. 100% of the time, the teacher devotes only to your child.

The first lesson is free! Show your child that programming is better than playing!



What is Scratch? acc

Let’s find out why you should start learning Scratch programming;

See what kind of applications you can create in it.

The movement towards the goal. acc

We’ll create our first program and get acquainted with the first logical constructions and loops.

Conditional statements and loops. acc

We will look in more detail at how we can use conditions in our program.

Variables. acc

We will learn what variables are and how to use them in programming;

We will understand what data types are.

Arrays and lists. acc

There are arrays and lists in programming. Children will learn what they have in common and what they differ from each other. We will repeat loops as well, they will also be helpful to us in the current lesson.

Functions/procedures. acc

Even though Scratch is a simple programming language, it allows us to learn basic programming concepts.

Sprites. acc

We’ll learn what sprites are and why this isn’t related to the beverage.

Vector Graphics and Raster Graphics. acc

We will understand the difference between vector and bitmap graphics and learn how to create images in vector and bitmap formats. Learn how to use them in your projects.

Movement. acc

Movement – is the foundation of life and the basis for creating programs in Scratch.

Events. acc

There are events like birthdays and weddings. And there are events in our programmes when we click something on the keyboard or mouse. Let’s find out how to react to these events to make our games more interesting.

Operators and variables. acc

Operators and variables in programming languages are the letters A and B in the alphabet. Without them, nothing would work.

Finalising the project acc
Thanks to the Scratch course, your child:
list Learn the basics of programming with the visual programming language Scratch;
list Master the principles of programming (algorithms, loops, variables, conditional statements, etc.);
list Gain a knowledge base in programming that will allow learning any other programming language;
list Will be able to create about 10 interactive games;
list Will see the work of software algorithms in action;
list Learn to think in a structured way and organise and plan tasks.
See how online learning is going
Get your child interested in coding
Your child will create their first project
Get answers to all your questions
Check correctness

With the help of Roblox, the guys and I will be programming our own games, which can then be played by other players around the world.

With Kodu, kids can create 3D games with different characters and landscapes. Do children need to know any programming languages for this? Of course not!

Construct is the best and fastest way to create games for smartphones and computers. Don't worry if your child has no programming experience.

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. It has a simple syntax and is ideal for the first programming language.

Is your child a fan of Minecraft? It's great! The world of Minecraft will help him take his first steps into the world of programming and learn the basics of Python.

Details about the course

Geniuses are not born. You have to create the conditions for creative growth from childhood. A Scratch for Kids course in the form of a game will channel admiration in the right direction. Your child will learn how to use the computer beneficially. Video lessons will help them immerse themselves in the magic of the game world. And most importantly, from junior high school, a child will learn to reason systematically and accurately. And these skills are sure to come in handy.

Scratch is a programming platform that fosters creativity. The course is designed to teach basic programming concepts and will support the choice of an IT career. Your child will play and understand how to create a game from Scratch. The result is a good time for the child and a few hours of peace of mind for the parents.


Scratch is a visual programming language. Available in 150 languages worldwide. It was founded to form an exciting space for your games. Derives its name from the technique of scratching. Scratch lessons are ideal for teenagers. This method allows you to see results immediately.

More than 20 million users visit the Scratch resource every month. In addition to animations, it provides the opportunity to build multimedia support for lessons. It allows complex concepts to be narrated dynamically. Therefore, you can use it in school classes. Users can add and share within the system. You can copy someone else’s file and add changes. It is the main advantage of Scratch.


Benefits of learning Scratch for children

The Scratch programming environment is designed specifically for young programmers. According to the developers, it develops creative and critical thinking. Having mastered the basics of the platform, a teenager understands that programming is an exciting and fun process. On Scratch for kids:

  • one does not need to learn the syntax rules of an artificial language;
  • you can create interactive stories and animations;
  • master algorithms and programming at a professional level;
  • accessible construction of geometric objects;
  • find ready-made visual components.

Scratch contains no code. The programme consists of blocks like a Lego constructor providing access to a visual environment. It is what is recommended for an exciting journey into the world of information technology. Scratch for children relies on associative perception on associative perception. It means the same task is demonstrated with several examples. Constant repetition makes it possible to understand why a particular module works the way it does.

Younger pupils find it hard to absorb much new information. Visual programming eliminates the chance of error and makes it possible to memorise the functionality of the blocks. The latter is depicted as puzzles in different colours. It makes it even easier to remember. The whole process comes down to a quality game, where you need the correct puzzle to be completed. It is the only way to achieve the goal.

What is learned in the course?

The “Scratch for Kids” course covers the basic concepts. The programme includes a theoretical part and its practical application. In the initial stages, simple games are developed. The learner will practise dragging and dropping blocks and typing. All the programs are similar. Therefore, the kid will memorize their functionality. Gradually more complex tasks will be performed. But the variables, algorithms and conditions will remain the same. Studying the course Scratch Online in Ukrainian the young programmer:

  • will see the algorithms in action;
  • receive a knowledge base that will be useful in the future;
  • master the principles of development (changeable, conditional operators);
  • learn the basics of Scratch;
  • work on their own project.

It is possible to start studying Scratch from 7-8 years old. The course is designed for inexperienced designers and builders. Children will gain experience with technology, which will be necessary for life, and knowledge of Scratch will help them gain a desirable profession.

What results will be achieved?

Students will learn the basics of computer literacy. They will acquire skills in the Scratch environment. Understand the basic terminology and structure of block languages. Distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of using different model mechanisms. At the end of the course, some of their own interactive games will be created.

IT FUTURE offers courses in Scratch. We will teach the basic concept. Upon completion of the course, the learner will get an opportunity to choose an exciting direction in this field. Our lessons target beginners who have not yet worked with robotics. The video lessons take place online in a one-to-one format, facilitating a more effective learning experience. Scratch is not for playing games but for gaining valuable development skills. We will help your child understand this. Sign up for a free lesson. Open a path to IT for your kid!