Programming Scratch for Kids


Program over 10 interactive games


Master the principles of programming (algorithms, loops, variables, etc.)


Get an excellent base that will allow you to learn any other programming language

Online Scratch-programming course for children 7-14 years old – a successful start

The world has been taken over by IT technologies. If the child is reaching for the computer, do not interfere, but adjust the movement vector. Show why you need a computer, teach the basics of programming and get started.

SCRATCH – what is it?

Scratch is a programming language for children that allows you to create animated and interactive games, presentations, websites and applications for smartphones. Visually, Scratch resembles a game with a Lego constructor, so it is simple and clear. Ideal as a first programming language.


Vivchiti movu programming is not an easy task for a grown-up, what are you talking about children, for some commands and algorithms – it is incomprehensible to the mind. The Great University of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) has developed visual software security, programming in order to help support ticket blocks. This is ideal software for the cob of programming.

What is the learning outcome?

The child will learn the basics of programming on Scratch, find out what algorithms, changes, cycles, sprite and much more.

As a result, your child will be noted:

  • creation of add-ons for smartphones;
  • program browser games;
  • virishuvati software and mathematical problems.

During the study, the child will create more than one own project.

Also, programming on Scratch promotes the development of logical and abstract thinking, improves memory, imagination and communication skills.

Take the first step towards programming and getting a promising and highly paid profession in the future.



Introduction to the Scratch programming language. acc

Find out why it’s good to start learning programming with Scratch;
Let’s see what programs can be created on it.

Movement towards the goal. acc

Let’s create our first program and get acquainted with the first logical constructions and loops.

Conditional statements and loops. acc

Let’s take a closer look at how we can use conditions in our program.

Variables. acc

Learn what variables are and how they are used in programming;
Let’s understand what data types are.

Arrays and lists. acc

There are ice massifs, forests, and there are arrays in programming. What is common between them, and how they differ – we will study in this lesson. At the same time, we will refresh the cycles, they will be very useful to us in this lesson.

Functions / procedures. acc

Although Scratch is a simple language, it allows you to learn the fundamental concepts in programming.

Sprites. acc

Let’s find out what sprites are and why it is not related to lemonade.

Vector and raster graphics. acc

Let’s understand the differences between vector and raster graphics, learn how pictures are created in vector and raster format. Let’s learn how to use it in our projects.

Traffic. acc

Movement is the basis of life, and the basis of how programs are created in Scratch.

Developments. acc

There are events such as birthdays, weddings. And there are events in our programs when we press something on the keyboard or mouse. Find out how we can react to these events to make our games more interesting.

Operators and variables. acc

Operators and variables in programming languages are like the letters A and B in the alphabet, without them nothing would have happened.

Project finalization acc
During this course, your child will:
list Get acquainted with the basics of programming using the visual programming language Scratch;
list Master the principles of programming (algorithms, loops, variables, conditional statements, etc.);
list Get a broad base that will allow you to learn any other programming language;
list Will create about 10 interactive computer games;
list Will see the work of software algorithms in action;
list Learn to think structured, organize and plan tasks.
See how online learning is going
Get your child interested in coding
Your child will create their first project
Get answers to all your questions
Check if the number is correct
Additional phone (if exists)

With the help of Roblox, the guys and I will program our own games, which can then be played by other players around the world.

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Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. It has a simple syntax and is ideal for the first programming language.

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Details about the course

Scratch programming is a great way for every child to take their first, confident step into the modern world of computer technology. The visual programming language Scratch is practically no different from a computer game, which attracts little gamers – future programmers.
This programming language was created in 2007, and it is based on working with graphic objects – colored blocks. Therefore, it is considered an excellent tool for beginner programmers.
Although simple and easy to learn, Scratch is great at developing logical thinking and helping to master the basic principles of programming needed to learn more complex languages.
Using Scratch, you can create simple video games, program cartoon plots, and make colorful presentations. The program does not contain complex language codes, but colorful blocks are used instead. Such a visual accent motivates children to further master computer technologies and gives joy from the first success in programming.


How is the program built?

The visual programming course is built in the form of a game – the most convenient and acceptable format for each child. During the learning process, young programmers gradually get acquainted with the basic concepts of the Scratch visual environment and immediately put their knowledge into practice. In the first online lessons, children learn the rules of using a computer, learn how to move blocks and learn the following actions:

  • using simple algorithms, the guys create their first games in the Scratch environment;
  • schoolchildren get acquainted with the functions of each block and learn how to use them correctly;
  • to consolidate the results, the guys receive individual tasks for creating games;
  • As part of online courses, children get acquainted with the concepts of a variable, algorithms, conditions.

Scratch develops logical thinking in schoolchildren, teaches them to think through strategies for solving problems, teaches them to see several solutions. The visual, game environment clearly convinces the child that the programming process is exciting, interesting and fun. With the help of the Scratch program, the children independently create games, their characters, experiment with images, audio content, and animation.

Advantages and features of the Scratch language

The Scratch environment was created by analogy with the famous Lego constructors. It is based on the principle of using colored blocks. Therefore, classes remind the child of his favorite game and make the process even more exciting, but already more or less familiar. As if playing with a children’s Lego constructor, the child takes the first steps in mastering computer technology:

  • Programs in Scratch are built from multi-colored building blocks: they don’t need to be coded;
  • to simplify the programming process and visualize the results, the bricks are visually highlighted;
  • any changes to the program can be made online and you can immediately see what they give and how they work;
  • The more logical chains and multi-colored blocks a small Scratch programmer uses, the more effective the result will be.

The program allows the student to freely and creatively handle the visual environment: modify objects, establish a connection between them, experiment with commands. It is with this simple and understandable Scratch program that you should start an exciting journey into the world of programming. Enroll your child in our school so that his current passion for computer technology will bring brilliant achievements in the future.