Teaching children programming: why is it necessary?

Teaching children programming: why is it necessary?

Teaching children programming: why is it necessary?

Many parents ask themselves the question – why pay for it courses for children and teach them programming from early childhood?

A strange question, given the fact that the profession of a programmer today is one of the most sought after and the demand for cool specialists in IT is growing steadily. Is it really better to become a lawyer-economist-manager, pay for expensive education for 4-5 years, and then look for a job with a vague career prospects for years?

Parents who want to ensure a prosperous future and broad prospects for their children start learning programming as early as possible (from the age of 8). As a result, by the age of 15-17, children at least decide on their future profession, and at the maximum, earn their first fees for creating websites and games.

Why teaching children to code is a necessity in the 21st century

Today, programmers are one of the most hyped professions. Companies like Google, Yandex, Mail.ru and many others are hunting for cool specialists.

Mark Zuckerberg believes that in 5-10 years, basic coding skills will become as common as knowing English. But even if parents do not see the future for their children in IT, programming training will help:

  • develop logical thinking;
  • improve school performance in mathematics;
  • learn new computer skills;
  • arouse interest in the profession of the future, which is always in demand.

2020 has become a turning point in the field of high technologies. The pandemic has forced humanity not only to put on masks, but also to go remote. Programmers began to work and earn more, and the desire to master programming became total. Against the backdrop of such a boom, the demand for online programming courses for children has grown, and according to the most pessimistic forecasts, the number of becoming programmers and developers will double in 2021.

The Benefits of Teaching Children to Program

  • The sooner you start, the better. Online training programs are calculated individually for each student.
  • 80% of the lesson is practice. Training takes place in a playful way, under the guidance of experienced teachers.
  • You don’t have to force your child to do it. The learning process is exciting, not boring and much more effective than a school computer science lesson.
  • Classes are held tete-a-tete, with a convenient schedule and pace of learning. You can do it once a week, which is not burdensome for the budget.

Programming courses – a confident start in the profession of a programmer, the opportunity to learn to think logically, create cartoons, websites, applications and games. And at the same time, the child will receive from study not only benefit, but also pleasure.

   How is the training

  1. Classes are held online. You need a PC/laptop, Skype for chatting and Team Viewer so that the teacher can connect to the student’s PC.
  2. At a certain time, the child contacts the teacher via Skype, after which he connects to the student’s PC to see what is happening on the screen.
  3. For 60 minutes of the lesson, the teacher checks the homework, explains the new material, and then practice.
  4. The student is not distracted by other children and works at his own pace. And after each lesson, he gets the result – a finished game or project that can be shown to friends and parents.

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