The most interesting logic games for future programmers

The most interesting logic games for future programmers

Logical thinking is an invaluable and, perhaps, the most necessary skill for a programmer: for both experienced and beginner. It is thanks to well-developed logic that an IT specialist manages to identify patterns, track them and set them on his own. Logical thinking also helps the programmer to create non-standard solutions to the tasks set, to cope with complex tasks and helps to maintain the “fire of creativity”. Computer games are great for developing logic – these are exciting mini-workouts for the brain that allow you to distract yourself from current tasks and help you “reboot” well. What games are designed to develop logic?

Online puzzle «Earned!»

This game is incredibly popular with the European audience. The essence of the puzzle is that the user needs to perform the last, final action in order for the experiment to succeed. To solve the problem, a person can use only the objects available to him. The puzzle captivates children and adults from the first “click”, and after each successfully completed stage, the players involuntarily burst out “Earned!”. Try it too!


The game is incendiary, in the truest sense of the word. In the process of passing levels, the user needs to light all the tiles of the field. This can be done by compiling the right commands and algorithms. Lightbot is optimally suited for children who are just starting to get acquainted with the world of programming. The puzzle perfectly develops children’s logic and spatial thinking. 


The name of this program speaks for itself. Its main characters are colored blocks, similar to those that a child uses in Scratch, learning this language at the it future programming school. Blockly has several difficulty levels and several modes. Using blocks, the kid gets acquainted with the basic concepts of programming: he learns what conditions and cycles are. Adults can also play Blockley – from the first minutes the game captures attention.


CodeCombat is, rather, a full-fledged course on the basics of programming. The authors offer users a choice of which programming language they would like to master: Python or JavaScript. Learning takes place in a fun way. Codes are used in the role of spells that must be correctly created and written in order to perform a certain action. And these actions are really interesting:

  • seizure of foreign territories;
  • victory over enemies;
  • creation of new types of weapons;
  • “pumping” of heroes.

Game levels are built according to the principle – from simple to complex. Future CodeCombat programmers will definitely like it.


Playing Monkey Code is fun and interesting. The main character is a funny and agile monkey whose task is to collect his favorite delicacy – bananas. By performing these simple steps, the user learns the basics of the language – CoffeeScript. The CodeMonkey adventure game is a great option for guys who are just starting to program.

Human Recources Machine

Ry this development is positioning it as a “programming simulator”. The essence of the game is that the user will constantly have tasks in the form of instructions from the management. And in order to fulfill them, it will be necessary to create algorithms. Playing Human Resources Machine is interesting and exciting. The game has colorful graphics, funny characters, a lot of funny situations, jokes and humor. The puzzle has several levels, the last of which are difficult to overcome even for experienced programmers.
Computer games for the development of logic are useful not only for future IT specialists. They help children to be successful in school as well. Puzzles teach children to look wider and deeper, come up with new solutions to problems and not get hung up on one thing. Such skills, of course, are useful for the future, because life regularly sets many tasks for each of us.