We, the Online IT-School for children from 8 years old, due to the increase in the number of students, are looking for additional teachers for the online IT-School. We are committed to quality education. The main requirement for the candidate is the desire and ability to share knowledge.
We are looking for teachers in the following areas:

• Visual programming on Scratch for children from 7 years old;
• Programming on Roblox;
• Programming in MineCraft;
• creation game in Unity 3D;
• Web programming (HTML+CSS);
• Programming in Python;
• Programming PC games(Construct);
• Video montage and blogging;
• 3D modeling.
• Adobe Photoshop.
Teaching features:
• The teacher himself forms his own work schedule, depending on the availability of time;
• Classes are held individually with the student (not a group);
• The location of the teacher does not matter;
• The presence of a headset for high-quality communication;


What do we offer:
• Flexible work schedule, which the teacher forms based on the availability of time;
• Timely payment of wages;
• The required number of teaching hours, which affects wages;
When submitting an application, be sure to indicate the direction you want to teach.
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