Video editing
for kids


Individually one to one with the teacher.


Adapted programme to the aims and purposes of the pupil


A personalised timetable and the possibility of choosing the intensity of the lessons

If your kid can’t stay awake for hours on their favourite YouTube channels, we can put their enthusiasm for popular video content in the right direction. Experienced teachers will teach young filmmakers the art of video shooting, show them the tricks of running a successful channel and help them learn a lot of helpful and up-to-date knowledge about video editing:

  • how to shoot video content professionally and qualitatively, focusing on a beautiful, meaningful picture;
  • how to edit to assemble a cohesive and compelling video product from separate parts of the video;
  • What tools do YouTube celebrities use to enhance video content and engage audiences?

You don’t need any professional techniques to learn how to edit videos. You work with video content based on footage shot on an ordinary smartphone. The video editor is Adobe Premier Pro, which is easy to use and any child can master. As a result of the video editing lessons, teenagers will learn how to make a spectacular cut-out of frames with a music playlist and create video productions.

As a result of training in video editing:

The courses cater to children who want to show off their skills in creating cool videos with engaging scripts and cool ideas. Experienced teachers teach children to set up their shots and direct and edit their videos correctly. In the online classes at the video editing school, children try their hand at being operators and directors:

  • independently and with the help of teachers, they develop video clips and write scripts;
  • master basic camera and microphone techniques, and learn to set the right light;
  • receive voice-over skills for video clips, use special graphic effects, and learn the principles of colour correction.

Courses in online video editing for children involve more than just working with technology and computer video editors. Your child learns to stand in the frame, express himself through facial expressions, gestures, and speech, and try his hand at acting. If your child has been an artistic kid and growing up wants to create their own YouTube channel, give them or your support in this endeavour. Enrol your child in a video editing course, which will be the first degree to become a director, cameraman or screenwriter later in life.

In this course, your child will:
list Master the Adobe Premier Pro video editor from scratch;
list Learn how to edit clips, mini-movies, and blog posts;
list Learn to assemble video from multiple clips, adjust colours, and add titles and effects;
list Create your first videos, which can be published on the blog or added to your portfolio, for a future career in the film or television industry.
list The skills you learn in this class will provide a good foundation for further study in the art of video content creation.
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In the modern world, without a website, nowhere. We will teach you how to create and layout your own websites from scratch using HTML and CSS. We will show that creating websites is not difficult.

Creation of 3D graphics (characters, worlds, cars) and computer animation in 3Ds MAX.

Is your child stuck on the computer? Why not become a developer? We will help you figure out how to create realistic 3D games and learn the C# language.

Is your child a fan of Minecraft? It's great! The world of Minecraft will help him take his first steps into the world of programming and learn the basics of Python.

Your child will playfully learn the basics of programming by creating his programs and games in Scratch by dragging and dropping blocks like Lego blocks

Read more about the direction:

In a short time, web blogging has gone from a hobby to a real profession with a decent income. And with the advent of TickTock, almost every schoolboy is shooting reviews of different products or making blogs. But it is worth noting that the monetisation and success of a blog directly depend on the quality of the content. The rapid development of portals such as Youtube and Tiktok has made it possible to put your creativity online and earn through advertising integrations. Many well-known companies also engage content specialists to make promotional and informative videos about brand activities. Agree – who doesn’t want to profit from their hobby? And being able to teach children how to do video editing will bring the kid one step closer to blogging success.

For whom is our course designed?

This course is for kids who want to make the dream of becoming a blogger a reality. We teach your child how to make a great video and help them create and populate their children’s blogs with high-quality content to find an audience.
 So, by choosing our courses, your child will learn to:

  • work in Adobe Premier Pro, the favourite editor of all bloggers in the world;
  • master the basics of video editing;
  • understand how to merge several videos into one complete video clip, and learn how to use effects and tools provided by the editing program.


As a result, your child will have a foundation for their future activities and portfolio, with which they can start their blog or engage in video editing professionally later. And best of all, there is no need to buy special equipment – your child will shoot all the videos on his smartphone during the course.

The video editor, which you can use for editing, has a simple interface and is easy enough to use. Therefore, even a child can cope with it. It is worth noting that each lesson is conducted online on a personal basis, facilitating a better understanding of the material. You can sign up for a trial lesson now on the future website and take the first step into the world of video editing for children. Give your child the modern knowledge and skills that will complement their school education and serve as a perfect foundation for their future profession.