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The course of video editing and video blogging is an effective tool that easily fulfills the dream of a modern child – to become a YouTube star, have your own popular channel, and find your audience. The program of the video editing course will support a teenager in his striving for popularity, it involves learning the secrets of interesting video shooting and gives self-confidence.

A few years ago, only large television companies could shoot and broadcast videos to an audience of millions. Today, thanks to the rapidly developing Internet, any student can record and edit videos himself, posting them on his YouTube channel. Therefore, the ability to shoot cool video content and make it attractive to viewers is not just a hobby, but a skill that is needed in our time. It is required in any business that needs colorful and visual video presentations.

Main objectives of the course 

If your child spends hours on end watching their favorite YouTube channels, with our help, their passion for popular video content will go on the right track. Experienced teachers will teach the young director the art of video filming, introduce you to the “tricks” of successfully running your channel and help you master a large amount of useful and relevant knowledge in the field of video editing:

  • how to shoot video content professionally and efficiently, focusing on a beautiful, meaningful picture;
  • how to perform editing in order to assemble a coherent, attractive video product from separate parts of the video;
  • what tools popular YouTube stars use to enhance video content and engage audiences.

No special professional equipment is required for the video editing course. Work with video content is performed on the basis of material captured on a regular smartphone. As a video editor, an easy-to-use Adobe Premier Pro program is used, which any child can easily master. As a result of learning video editing lessons, a teenager will learn not only to make spectacular cuts from frames with a musical background, but also to create author’s video products.

During this course, your child will:
list Master the Adobe Premier Pro video editor from scratch;
list Get acquainted with the rules for editing clips, mini-films and videos for the blog;
list Learn how to assemble videos from several clips, correct colors, add titles and effects;
list They will mount their first videos that can be published on a blog or added to a portfolio in order to start a career in the film industry or on television in the future.
list The skills gained in the classroom will be an excellent basis for further study of the art of creating video content.
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In the modern world, without a website, nowhere. We will teach you how to create and layout your own websites from scratch using HTML and CSS. We will show that creating websites is not difficult.

Creation of 3D graphics (characters, worlds, cars) and computer animation in 3Ds MAX.

Is your child stuck on the computer? Why not become a developer? We will help you figure out how to create realistic 3D games and learn the C# language.

Is your child a fan of Minecraft? It's great! The world of Minecraft will help him take his first steps into the world of programming and learn the basics of Python.

Let your child learn the basics of programming in a playful way by creating their own programs and games in Scratch by dragging and dropping blocks like Lego.

About the course

In a short period of time, blogging has turned from a hobby into a real profession with good earnings. And with the advent of TikTok, almost every student makes reviews of various products or makes vlogs. But it is worth noting that the monetization and success of a blog directly depends on the quality of the content. The rapid development of portals such as Youtube and Tiktok made it possible to upload your creativity to the network and earn money through advertising integration. Many well-known companies also engage content specialists to shoot promotional and informational videos about the brand’s activities. Agree, who does not want to profit from their hobby. And the opportunity to teach children how to make video editing will bring the kid one step closer to success in blogging.

Who is our course for?

It was created for children who want to make their dream of becoming a blogger come true. We will teach your child how to make a cool video and thereby help him create and fill his children’s blog, and high quality content will make it possible to find his audience.
So, by choosing our courses, a teenager will learn:

  • work in the favorite editor of all bloggers in the world Adobe Premier Pro;
  • the kid will master the main points of mounting videos;
  • will figure out how to merge several videos into one full-fledged video and learn how to use the effects and tools that the editing program provides.

As a result, your child will have a basis for future activities and his own portfolio, with which he can start blogging or doing video editing professionally in the future. And most importantly, in order to undergo training, there is no need to buy special equipment. Since all video shooting during the training will be done on a smartphone.

The video editor in which the editing will be carried out has a simple and intuitive interface, it is quite easy to use. Therefore, even a child will cope with it. It is worth noting that each lesson is conducted online on an individual basis, which contributes to a better understanding of the material. You can sign up for a trial lesson right now on the itfuture website and take the first step into the world of video editing for children. Give your child modern knowledge and skills that will not only complement education at school, but will become an excellent basis for a future profession.