What are programmers

What are programmers

A programmer is a promising, interesting and multifaceted profession. Having immersed in the field of IT technologies, a specialist can discover different facets of talents: logical thinking, creativity, multitasking. The image of specialists also adds to the popularity of the profession. A stylish professional, dressed in accordance with fashion trends, with a modern gadget in his hands, receiving a high salary – this image is incredibly attractive. But behind the alluring picture lies painstaking work, improving skills in the field of IT technologies and the desire to conquer sometimes unattainable heights.
A programmer is a specialist engineer who writes programs by turning tasks and actions into program computer code. Following the written programs, an electronic device (computer, laptop, smartphone) performs the tasks and creates the required web product: a computer game, a phone application, a website, or something else. What are programmers? What categories do they belong to? And what activities does each of the specialties involve?

Website developer

This is the most promising and popular direction for beginners who are taking their first, but already confident steps in programming. To create websites, easy-to-understand and use languages ​​​​are used: JavaScript, HTML and CSS. They are much lighter than Python, but they allow you to implement interesting ideas. Success in website development, as in any field of activity, comes with practice. First, young engineers create web resources for personal use and friends, complete school assignments, and then they can try freelancing, doing their favorite work for good pay.

Computer game creator

Professional computer game programming is perhaps the most attractive direction for gamers who want to combine their passion and the ability to create their own games. You can start this exciting journey from primary school age. In computer courses for children, the basics of computer animation are taught using the visual programming language – Scratch. Older kids create game characters and develop stories using Java and other more complex programming languages ​​for the gaming industry. Game creators can successfully build a career in game companies, work as freelancers, and fulfill orders on a commercial basis.

Software developer

Software Creator is one of the most serious qualifications of specialists in the field of information technology. It requires long-term training, extensive practical experience and a desire to constantly develop in the chosen direction. Skillfully using the program code, these professionals introduce the required programs into the computer to solve the tasks:

  • develop functions of operating systems for gadgets;
  • improve device firmware;
  • engaged in the creation of analytical products.

   For these purposes, a popular programming language, Python, is used. It is characterized by a relatively simple syntax, flexibility, ease of use, allows you to implement complex ideas and get worthy software products that are in demand among users. It is on it that Instagram, Pinterest and other popular web resources in the world are written.

Mobile App Creator

This direction in programming has been actively developing over the past 10 years. Interestingly, you don’t need any fantastic knowledge to start a career as a web developer of mobile applications. It is enough to master the basic programming languages ​​for Android and iOS, gaining practical experience. Mobile developers create applications for supermarkets, courier services, banking institutions, pharmacy chains. It is not uncommon for professionals to work remotely and have flexible schedules.
How to choose a path in the field of IT-technologies? First you need to decide what attracts you more: the development of computer games, the creation of websites, applications, or a more serious direction – working with software. Of course, for all areas of programming, basic knowledge is needed, and they can and should be acquired already in childhood. The It Future Programming School not only prepares future professionals in the IT field, but also inspires children not to be afraid to go forward, set high goals, achieve them and enjoy success in the circle of like-minded people and mentors!