What programming language is Minecraft written in?

What programming language is Minecraft written in?

Minecraft is a special computer game: both for experienced, adult gamers and for children – novice computer entertainment lovers. Behind the usual name of this game, which in English means “mining craft”, the whole universe is hidden. But not ordinary, but cubic, where the simplest design element is a cube, from which you can build a wide variety of objects, structures and objects. In the cubic world, you can explore caves where treasures are hidden, fight zombies, go to the server and make traps.

Created on November 18, 2011, Minecraft is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. But, as in the beginning of its creation, it still captivates millions of gamers around the world. There is no aggression and cruelty in Minecraft. Here, each player acts as the creator of his own world, which is so interesting to explore, transform and improve … And such endless possibilities open up thanks to the hard work of the programmers who created this amazing product. What language was used to develop Minecraft and why is this game interesting for guys who do programming?

C++ or Java Edition?

At first, Java was used to create Minecraft. The popularity of this computer game arouses interest in professional programming among many fans of IT entertainment. With the use of Java, a large number of mods and plugins have been created that have made the game a truly exciting adventure. But in 2017, the developers decided to write a version of Minecraft in C++. There were reasons for this:

  1. Java is not designed to bring all versions of the game together, and users couldn’t play their favorite toy on iOS.
  2. Thanks to the use of the C ++ language, programmers managed to achieve the cross-platform nature of this beloved IT product.
  3. There are currently two versions of Minecraft available: a basic version written in C++ and an additional version written using the Java Edition.

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