What programming languages ​​should children learn?

What programming languages ​​should children learn?

Looking at successful programmers, many modern children wish to be like them. Financial prosperity, the possibility of professional growth, interesting projects – all these childhood dreams can become a reality in adult life if you start learning programming at a young age. But where to start the fascinating path of knowledge? What direction to choose as a priority for training?
Interestingly, there is no single answer to this question. If you ask ten programmers of different profiles what direction you would advise a beginner to study, each of them will answer differently. Someone will convince you that only low-level languages ​​allow you to deeply master IT technologies. Other programmers will recommend choosing a language with a simplified syntax first. The choice depends on what the child would like to do in the future: develop mobile applications, create computer games, websites, or work in the field of artificial intellig

To create websites

To develop Internet sites, you need to learn several languages ​​at once: CSS, HTML and JavaScript. The first of them are used for layout of virtual pages, and JavaScript – for media elements (buttons, players, automatic scripts), with the help of which the site “comes to life”.

For mobile applications

The choice of programming language is determined by the platform where the application will run. To develop Android products, you should learn Java. For iPhone and iPad applications are created using Swift and Objective-C. It is curious that Swift appeared relatively recently and especially for those who want to master it, Apple specialists have created a program for learning in a playful way – easy and interesting.

Languages ​​with wide application

First of all, Python is one of them. It is with its use that programs are written for modern, large-scale and multifunctional web resources, robotic systems are designed. Python has:

  • simple syntax and clear structure;
  • he is extremely easy to understand;
  • suitable for children as one of the first languages ​​to learn.

At the It Future Children’s Programming School, Python classes are built on the basis of a game loved by children – Minecraft. In the familiar, creative “Cubic Universe”, the guys master Python, create large-scale structures, look for treasures, build cities, comprehend the endless possibilities of Minecraft, which are inaccessible to ordinary users.
You can also start learning to program with JavaScript. It is he who is used in their work by more than 70% of web developers and IT specialists. JavaScript is distinguished by its flexible structure and extensive areas of application. It is suitable for writing software scripts, sites of various levels of complexity, computer games and mobile applications. In a word, it is a universal remedy. 
Whatever programming language your young computer lover chooses to learn first, he will definitely want to learn others. Computer technologies are interesting in that they are actively developing and are constantly in need of specialists who own modern, or better, several programming tools.