The most complex and interesting projects on Scratch

The most complex and interesting projects on Scratch

Briefly about scratch projects

Projects on scratch for young programmers are really quite complex: there are a lot of links, variables, blocks, chains. Without the help of teachers who know the specifics of scratch, it is difficult for a child to cope with the code.

The practice of online schools in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus shows that by programming their own games, teenagers learn faster, completely immersing themselves in the process. This is not only a great start for future programmers and IT professionals, but also an opportunity to captivate a child with something interesting and useful.

Here are some of the most difficult and interesting projects in scratch – watch and test!


A classic game with familiar rules but a new design. Play online, develop your logical thinking and get the most out of interesting scratch projects. By the way, in checkers there is an opportunity to beat back, go to kings, receive computer prompts.


If you are looking for more complex scratch projects, then this is just the right option. The simulator allows you to build roads, build multi-storey buildings, plant flowers and trees – in general, engage in architecture and beautification of the city.


If you are looking for scratch projects for kids that will captivate you from the very beginning, the Road mini-project is a great example. Here the cars are placed in different layers, go in opposite directions. The online school it, where they teach programming from the age of 8, often teaches on examples of projects of this kind.


It is difficult to find a child who does not like to collect bright interesting puzzles. It is also difficult to find parents who do not want their children to develop and learn what will definitely be useful in life and career. And scratch projects are a great way to get started with programming for beginners.


This is a vivid example of a scratch project with beautiful live graphics. The platformer is somewhat reminiscent of everyone’s favorite game “Mario” – here, too, the main character collects coins, runs away from the villains and goes through level after level.


If you want to see difficult projects in scratch in Russian, check out this game. Interesting graphics, beautiful picture, good dynamics. This project has everything to impress and interest children, and often adults.

You can learn how to create similar projects on our course PROGRAMMING ON SCRATCH.

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